June 16th, 2011 | Newsletter 1/2011

Inspiration for construction of low energy buildings

In order to inspire the building sector to increase the construction of low energy buildings a support programme called LÅGAN has been launched. One of its first products is a web based homepage showing good examples of low energy buildings in Sweden.

-The web based home page will be an important  follow-up of the national implementation of near zero-energy buildings says Dag Lundblad at  the Swedish Energy Agency. The recast of the directive on the energy performance of buildings will require a number of support measures and a tightening up of regulations relating to new building work and renovation work.  A strategy for deciding which and where resources should be set in requires continuously updated information on the present market situation.

The aim is to strengthen the market for low energy buildings through showing which regions and actors that actively works with energy efficiency.
- This will facilitate knowledge exchange both for clients and contractors and increase knowledge about products and services which in the end will lead to more business opportunities  says Pär Åhman at the Swedish Construction Federation. Today the home page shows techniques and energy performance for over 80 buildings and links to over 100 actors that have been involved in the projects.

The construction of low-energy buildings beats all records in 2010. The proportion of low-energy apartments accounted for 11,2 % of total new built apartments and  the proportion of commercial and similar premises built as low-energy premises amounting to 8 % of the total area.

The LÅGAN programme (name derived from the Swedish for buildings having very low energy use) is one of the national initiatives that assist improvement of energy use in buildings.  Its objective is to increase the rate of construction of low-energy buildings. LÅGAN is a collaborative project between the Swedish Construction Federation, the Swedish Energy Agency, Region Västra Götaland, Formas, the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, clients, contractors and consultants. It provides financial support for demonstration projects and local/regional collaboration initiatives. 

For further information: www.laganbygg.se

By Åsa Wahlström, CIT Energy Management

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